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Posted by on May 19, 2015 in Outdoors | 0 comments

Understanding the Concept of Survival

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As I continue to introduce hunting, fishing and camping to people who sign up for it, I am always reminded on why these events happen. I mean, nowadays, these things are a form of a sport or leisure. A casual adventure. However, back in the old days, these were necessary things that humans needed to learn in order to survive.

The concept of survival is one thing that I always share to clients in every tour that I handle.

Survival is a very important part of life. Not just of human life, but also by other forms of life, including animals. While humans have the brains to think about ways of surviving everyday lives, animals only have their instincts to rely on. Being the higher form of species, humans are left with the responsibility to ensure that all life forms are able to sustain their lives in their own habitat. It is not our right to abuse the homes of other animals, including marine animals, for our own safety and survival.

Humans are intelligent enough to understand that survival does not only mean securing your own kind, it also means securing everything that is a part of nature. Survival is something that could only happen when all life forms are able to work together in protecting the only habitable place in the universe – earth.

Just as much as nature provides humans with homes for resting, food for the stomach and plants for oxygen and safety, other animals need these things too, in order for them to have a clean place to thrive, food for their stomachs and a fresh air to breathe. If we make use of nature, we should also give back to nature; plant the trees we cut, avoid illegal fishing and the use of dynamites, stop illegal logging, and respect all life-forms, land, air, and marine animals.

The importance of nature for every human being is evident, even in the products that the market is selling to compensate for our other needs. Products may be encapsulated or in powdered form, yet their essential components are still those that come from nature. This is because the body is much better when what goes through its system is natural. This way, the body is more welcoming to the products, especially food products, making it more effective and preventing any damaging side effects.

Seeing how important nature is, even in a world where technology is at prime, humans should double the efforts in protecting it. There is no other source of all these natural resources but the earth that we have right now.

Another reason to take care of nature and other life-forms is the fact that even our technology greatly rely on them too. Technology rely on nature, like how some electricity providers are using water mills to generate power, and how other medicines need to have components from nature in order for it to be complete and to work.

Survival is indeed a two-way system for humans and nature, hence, humans should always act upon the goodness of fellow humans and of nature, in order for all life-forms to survive and live to years and years.