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Posted by on Nov 19, 2015 in Health | 0 comments

The Best Full Body Workout with Some Paleo Salad Dressing on the Side

The Best Full Body Workout with Some Paleo Salad Dressing on the Side

Give me some good paleo salad dressing with my salad after my full body workoutI love my life out in the water. I love the early mornings and seeing the sunrise. I just love being out on the water. I sometimes think that I am half fish or a merman! After spending many years on the water, my way of eating was killing me. I was eating fast, fatty, and processed foods at high quantities! Plus, I was never really exercising at all. So around a year ago I was wanting to change my way of eating or my way of living you could say. That is where my journey began. I was on the search for a healthy diet and exercise program. I needed something that could fit my needs. The paleo diet was the perfect diet and a body weight exercise program seemed perfect for me.

One advantage that I had over others was that I was always on the water and I love eating fish. The water was my grocery store! I love eating fish and I am a huge fan of salads. The only thing was that I was not able to eat salad dressing. Well, after a lot of searching I found some paleo salad dressing. I found Jon’s site and he gave me all the information I needed to jump start my paleo lifestyle. He is very informative. He has many of the same ideas as the people at does. Jon is just so knowledgeable and is so willing to help people out. His site is the best out there!!

What is the best body weight workout that you do?After I got my diet figured out I needed to find a weight program. I did not want to sign up for a gym and have a bunch of strangers around me while I was trying to exercise. I wanted to do something at my house all by myself. I was on the search for the best full body workout. I found the people over there and man they gave me some great program tips!! I love being able to do everything at my own home. Plus I save money by not having to a gym membership. He gave me better tips than the livestrong people did. They were able to meet all my fitness needs there! I was so lucky to find them.