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Posted by on Sep 20, 2016 in Travel | 0 comments

Preparation Tips for Outdoor Travel Trips

Preparation Tips for Outdoor Travel Trips

Man ready for campingWhen most think of travel, they imagine fine dining, luxurious hotels, and a short time to remove themselves from the responsibilities of life. However, for some, the most enjoyable thing to do on vacation is spend time in the great outdoors. Whether you’re planning an upcoming camping trip or some other type of outdoor traveling adventure, there are certain considerations you need to make to ensure both the quality of your trip and your safety. The following preparation tips can help you achieve both priorities.

Respecting Wildlife

Wild animals are just a part of the outdoors, and you must keep in mind that you’re putting yourself in their territory when you choose to vacation in the wilderness. Animals can be both territorial and aggressive, and you owe it to yourself and your family to take some time to plan protection. A few items you should consider bringing on the trip include:

  • Bear spray- Attacks from bears on humans are on the rise, and you can find yourself in a potentially life-threatening situation when you fail to plan. Bear spray offers you the precious moments you need to escape such a situation. You can find a variety of products and reviews at
  • Sealable containers- Animals are always on the hunt for food. When you leave yours out, it can quickly attract an unwanted crowd. Therefore, you should be sure to bring sealable containers to prevent the scent from emanating.
  • Insect repellent- A growing number of diseases are being spread by insects such as mosquitoes. While the initial bite may not seem bad, the consequences can be tragic. Therefore, ensure you bring plenty of bug spray for the trip.

Communication is Key

portable solar generatorIf you’re traveling in a group, it’s crucial that you’re all able to remain in communication. The outdoors can be distracting, and members of your group can easily get lost. To best ensure everyone stays safe, make sure to bring an energy source to keep phones and other communication devices charged. If you’ll be traveling to an area with little to no cell phone reception, you should consider bringing along whistles and other noisemakers to easily get attention. For a variety of forms to thoroughly document personal information for younger members of the trip, you can find samples here.

Keep Hydration in Mind

Bottled WaterA human being can survive for around 30 days without food. However, they only last around three to five days without water. Therefore, it’s crucial that you’re prepared in the event you become cut off from a freshwater source. While you can choose to pack large amounts of bottled water, you could also invest in a water bottle with a filter. For more information about the water purification process, the Wilderness Awareness School offers in-depth information on their website.

A Trip to Remember

Travels in the great outdoors can turn into some of the best vacations you’ll ever have. Not only do you get to disconnect from a world that’s highly driven by electronic devices and modern conveniences, but you are also able to become one with nature. However, there are circumstances where nature can easily take the upper hand for those who aren’t prepared. By acknowledging and planning for the worst, you are already on your way to proving victorious in whatever battle you may face.