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Posted by on Aug 17, 2016 in Outdoors | 0 comments

Incredible Ways to Choose the Right Rifle Scope

Incredible Ways to Choose the Right Rifle Scope

There are a variety of rifle scopes out there to choose from. While some are used by hunters and others by shooters, you have to select a rifle scope that will serve you well and enable you to do what you love effectively. In this post, we are going to give you essentials tips that will enable you to get the right rifle scope for your needs.

Consider your needs

You have to consider the primary factor that is making you buy the rifle. If you are a hunter, consider your normal shooting range. Also, think about the animals you hunt and where you normally pursue them.


Take a look at the adjustment systems

Most rifles scopes need adjustments after purchase in order to work right. When adjusting you need to consider MOA and MRAD, which are the two key adjustment systems in most rifle scopes. One MOA equals 100 yards, and if you miss by one inch, you can simply adjust with a single click. One MRAD is about three and a half inches at 100 yards. If you miss by one MRAD, adjust the rifle scope by one MRAD.

Know how much light the scope lets in

A rifle scope that has a powerful light transmission makes you spot a target at long ranges. You want to get something that will not make you regret later. A good rifle scope should allow in much light to enable you identify your shot clearly. There are high-end rifle scopes in the stores that can allow as much as 98% of light. The majority allows around 90% of light to pass through.

Consider the eye relief feature

Eye relief in a scope dictates how far you can see a target from any position. The eye relief is crucial in the sense that it mitigates the effects when the gun recoil hits your field of view in the scope. Consider a rifle scope that allows for recoil since it allows for effective eye relief. Don’t forget to test the scope every time you want to shoot. The most common eye relief in quality rifle scopes is about four inches.

Check the coating system

Coatings on a rifle make it resist the effects of fog and water. Coatings vary widely, but you need to choose a coating that provides a long lasting solutions to fog and water. The lens must have at least one layer in it. There are fully coated, multi-coated and fully multi-coated s scopes. Fully coated scopes have only one layer that covers all the glass surfaces that are in contact with the air. Multi-coated copes have many layers on at least one surface. Fully multi-coated scopes have layers on every surface.


Consider the Reticle

There are a variety of reticles to choose from. We have cross hairs, duplex and the midlot. Midlots have a half millimetre reading on their lens, which makes them more accurate. Mildot is the most common rifle being used today. They are quite effective for holds in windy places and are accurate on moving things. It’s recommendable that you get a rifle scope with the right reticle. In most cases, midlot is a perfect choice, especially for hunters.

Getting the right scope is difficult given that there are so many of them in the market. The only way to find a quality rifle scope is to take into consideration every small detail about it. The tips mentioned above will make the job easier for you