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Incredible Ways to Choose the Right Rifle Scope

Incredible Ways to Choose the Right Rifle Scope

There are a variety of rifle scopes out there to choose from. While some are used by hunters and others by shooters, you have to select a rifle scope that will serve you well and enable you to do what you love effectively. In this post, we are going to give you essentials tips that will enable you to get the right rifle scope for your needs.

Consider your needs

You have to consider the primary factor that is making you buy the rifle. If you are a hunter, consider your normal shooting range. Also, think about the animals you hunt and where you normally pursue them.


Take a look at the adjustment systems

Most rifles scopes need adjustments after purchase in order to work right. When adjusting you need to consider MOA and MRAD, which are the two key adjustment systems in most rifle scopes. One MOA equals 100 yards, and if you miss by one inch, you can simply adjust with a single click. One MRAD is about three and a half inches at 100 yards. If you miss by one MRAD, adjust the rifle scope by one MRAD.

Know how much light the scope lets in

A rifle scope that has a powerful light transmission makes you spot a target at long ranges. You want to get something that will not make you regret later. A good rifle scope should allow in much light to enable you identify your shot clearly. There are high-end rifle scopes in the stores that can allow as much as 98% of light. The majority allows around 90% of light to pass through.

Consider the eye relief feature

Eye relief in a scope dictates how far you can see a target from any position. The eye relief is crucial in the sense that it mitigates the effects when the gun recoil hits your field of view in the scope. Consider a rifle scope that allows for recoil since it allows for effective eye relief. Don’t forget to test the scope every time you want to shoot. The most common eye relief in quality rifle scopes is about four inches.

Check the coating system

Coatings on a rifle make it resist the effects of fog and water. Coatings vary widely, but you need to choose a coating that provides a long lasting solutions to fog and water. The lens must have at least one layer in it. There are fully coated, multi-coated and fully multi-coated s scopes. Fully coated scopes have only one layer that covers all the glass surfaces that are in contact with the air. Multi-coated copes have many layers on at least one surface. Fully multi-coated scopes have layers on every surface.


Consider the Reticle

There are a variety of reticles to choose from. We have cross hairs, duplex and the midlot. Midlots have a half millimetre reading on their lens, which makes them more accurate. Mildot is the most common rifle being used today. They are quite effective for holds in windy places and are accurate on moving things. It’s recommendable that you get a rifle scope with the right reticle. In most cases, midlot is a perfect choice, especially for hunters.

Getting the right scope is difficult given that there are so many of them in the market. The only way to find a quality rifle scope is to take into consideration every small detail about it. The tips mentioned above will make the job easier for you

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The Best Full Body Workout with Some Paleo Salad Dressing on the Side

The Best Full Body Workout with Some Paleo Salad Dressing on the Side

Give me some good paleo salad dressing with my salad after my full body workoutI love my life out in the water. I love the early mornings and seeing the sunrise. I just love being out on the water. I sometimes think that I am half fish or a merman! After spending many years on the water, my way of eating was killing me. I was eating fast, fatty, and processed foods at high quantities! Plus, I was never really exercising at all. So around a year ago I was wanting to change my way of eating or my way of living you could say. That is where my journey began. I was on the search for a healthy diet and exercise program. I needed something that could fit my needs. The paleo diet was the perfect diet and a body weight exercise program seemed perfect for me.

One advantage that I had over others was that I was always on the water and I love eating fish. The water was my grocery store! I love eating fish and I am a huge fan of salads. The only thing was that I was not able to eat salad dressing. Well, after a lot of searching I found some paleo salad dressing. I found Jon’s site and he gave me all the information I needed to jump start my paleo lifestyle. He is very informative. He has many of the same ideas as the people at does. Jon is just so knowledgeable and is so willing to help people out. His site is the best out there!!

What is the best body weight workout that you do?After I got my diet figured out I needed to find a weight program. I did not want to sign up for a gym and have a bunch of strangers around me while I was trying to exercise. I wanted to do something at my house all by myself. I was on the search for the best full body workout. I found the people over there and man they gave me some great program tips!! I love being able to do everything at my own home. Plus I save money by not having to a gym membership. He gave me better tips than the livestrong people did. They were able to meet all my fitness needs there! I was so lucky to find them.

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Canine First Aid Guide For A Camping Adventure

Canine First Aid Guide For A Camping Adventure

I have been on many expeditions into the wilderness, but the ones I have the fondest memories of are when I took my dog with me as my sole companion. Dogs make for great camping buddies in the wild – they are watchful, they learn along the way, they protect you and snuggle up to you at night. There is something truly poignant about watching a dog stare peacefully at the glowing embers of your campfire as it slowly drifts off to sleep at your feet.


One of the most important things to consider when planning a camping trip with your canine companion is their physical wellbeing:

A dog can get hurt just like a human being. Remember that dogs arenít always great at judging what they can and cannot do. If your dog is careful, trustworthy and disciplined properly, it probably wonít get hurt on the trail, but it if itís an energetic, fearless pathfinder, it might pay for it on occasion. You may find it fun to scramble over rocks, but your dog can suffer an injury if you donít take care. Generally, if your dog is hesitant about a particular path along the trail, take it as a warning and circumvent it.

The most frequently occurring injuries among dogs are to their foot pads because they arenít thorn proof. A tiny thorn can cause a lot of pain to your dog since their feet have lots of nerve endings just like us. They simply canít walk it off.


Be it a fishhook or a thorn, most of the first aid for an injured foot is much like human first aid. The major difference lies in how the pain is treated. Dogs cannot handle human pain relievers / NSAIDS so youíll have to get a vet prescribed pain reliever for your pet such as Tramadol or Rimadyl.

Another nuisance is the many assorted critters youíll find in the woods. Bigger mammals like moose and bears, that normally tend to avoid humans if we stay clear of them, will maim and kill your pet if it gets too nosy. Porcupines are another major problem, as are raccoons and skunks that can transmit rabies with their claws and bites. And let us not forget the other thing skunks are quite notorious for. A curious dog might get its nose scratched by a small mammal if it pokies it too far!


If your camping trail takes you through tick country, be careful – inspect your dog for ticks each night. It might take some searching, mind you, if its deer ticks that carry Lyme Disease. Youíll find wood ticks much easier to detect. Deal with them just as in the case of a human – if they havenít embedded themselves yet, you wonít find it hard. Toss them into the fire to hear a satisfying pop for all your efforts.

Alternately, you could consider having your pet immunized for Lyme. I understand that this is a sensitive topic with some, but Iíve been doing it for years without any negative effects. However, itís entirely up to you.

Lastly, keep in mind the climate of the location you are going camping – If it is unbearably cold or wet, you will have to let your dog kip with you in your tent, so make sure that you find a good air mattress that is rugged enough to fend off their claws.

In any case, if you are concerned about your pet or it is your first time taking it camping, plan your trip in a way that you arenít impossibly far from veterinarian assistance if the need arises.

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Understanding the Concept of Survival

Image Credit:

Image Credit:

As I continue to introduce hunting, fishing and camping to people who sign up for it, I am always reminded on why these events happen. I mean, nowadays, these things are a form of a sport or leisure. A casual adventure. However, back in the old days, these were necessary things that humans needed to learn in order to survive.

The concept of survival is one thing that I always share to clients in every tour that I handle.

Survival is a very important part of life. Not just of human life, but also by other forms of life, including animals. While humans have the brains to think about ways of surviving everyday lives, animals only have their instincts to rely on. Being the higher form of species, humans are left with the responsibility to ensure that all life forms are able to sustain their lives in their own habitat. It is not our right to abuse the homes of other animals, including marine animals, for our own safety and survival.

Humans are intelligent enough to understand that survival does not only mean securing your own kind, it also means securing everything that is a part of nature. Survival is something that could only happen when all life forms are able to work together in protecting the only habitable place in the universe – earth.

Just as much as nature provides humans with homes for resting, food for the stomach and plants for oxygen and safety, other animals need these things too, in order for them to have a clean place to thrive, food for their stomachs and a fresh air to breathe. If we make use of nature, we should also give back to nature; plant the trees we cut, avoid illegal fishing and the use of dynamites, stop illegal logging, and respect all life-forms, land, air, and marine animals.

The importance of nature for every human being is evident, even in the products that the market is selling to compensate for our other needs. Products may be encapsulated or in powdered form, yet their essential components are still those that come from nature. This is because the body is much better when what goes through its system is natural. This way, the body is more welcoming to the products, especially food products, making it more effective and preventing any damaging side effects.

Seeing how important nature is, even in a world where technology is at prime, humans should double the efforts in protecting it. There is no other source of all these natural resources but the earth that we have right now.

Another reason to take care of nature and other life-forms is the fact that even our technology greatly rely on them too. Technology rely on nature, like how some electricity providers are using water mills to generate power, and how other medicines need to have components from nature in order for it to be complete and to work.

Survival is indeed a two-way system for humans and nature, hence, humans should always act upon the goodness of fellow humans and of nature, in order for all life-forms to survive and live to years and years.

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